January 190 PT #1 Results

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January 190 PT #1 Results

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Sir Ebrum wrote:Remember to format your PT correctly, lest the tool deprive thee of thy hard-earned exp.

In particular, be sure to use semicolons and not commas to separate your skills.
Skills: Articulate, Breeder, Charming, Networking, Propaganda, Rumor, Wealth (e)
Skills: Articulate; Breeder; Charming; Networking; Propaganda; Rumor; Wealth (e)

When crafting, the correct format as shown below is "Craft" followed by the name of the skill (do not specify expertise on this line), followed by the number of AP, all separated by semicolons.
Craft; <Skill to use>; <AP to spend>
Craft; Scribe; 15

When studying skills, be sure to stick to the format described in the rules (shown below). The PT tool is pedantic as only a machine can be, and has no mercy on spelling mistakes or the use of commas.
Study; <Skill>; <AP to spend>; <study progress> [use 0 to start a new study or put the points completed and required as returned at the start of the study for a skill in progress]
Study; Cunning; 26; 0
Study; Cunning; 26; 432/3300

Jiang Yan started learning Reversal. 50/1192 complete.
Jiang Yan trains Int +11 exp

Wai Be Teaches Letters. Success! 64 gold found!
Wai Be trains Int +15 exp

Ma Zang started learning Inspire. 38/3451 complete.
Ma Zang trains War +40 exp

Liu Shentong Patrols. Success! 68 gold found!
Liu Shentong started learning Navy. 19/1199 complete.

Ding Ma Magistrates. Success! Jade Dragon Pendant [jewel] (Cha +2, Int +1) found!
Ding Ma started learning Raid. 23/2316 complete.

Lü You started learning Weaponmaster. 50/2298 complete.
Lü You trains Lead +6 exp

Xi Jian started learning Civil Engineer. 50/3226 complete.
Xi Jian trains Pol +12 exp

Huang Wu started learning Terrain. 50/2233 complete.
Huang Wu trains War +28 exp

Liao Ju started learning Leader. 41/3252 complete.
A master of charisma shares his knowledge with you (+50 cha exp).
Liao Ju trains War +16 exp

Li Jun Patrols. Success! 70 gold found!
Li Jun started learning Loyalty. 20/2360 complete.

Dao Lang started learning Artisan. 27/1181 complete.
Dao Lang Teaches Letters. Success! 60 gold found!

Kung Huang Teaches Letters. Success! 80 gold found!
kung Huang trains Pol +10 exp

Jian Bian started learning Reversal. 50/1184 complete.
Jian Bian trains Lead +5 exp

Fei Lai trains Pol +64 exp
Fei Lai trains Int +58 exp

Jia Liang Teaches Letters. Success! Provincial Map (Lead +2) found!
Jia Liang trains Int +21 exp

Dai Ren Patrols. Failure.
Dai Ren started learning Missile. 20/2201 complete.

Ky Rah started learning Loyalty. 50/2321 complete.
Ky Rah trains Cha +4 exp

Jia Chun started learning Mystic(e). 40/3408 complete.
Jia Chun trains Cha +32 exp

Zhou Liang went hunting, but found no prey.
Zhou Liang started learning Propaganda. 14/2356 complete.

Ju-long started learning Rumor. 50/1156 complete.
Ju-long trains War +18 exp

Shenmi Xiang Magistrates. Success! 95 gold found!
Shenmi Xiang trains Pol +32 exp

Shou Shen visited the Bazaar. 53 gold earned.
Shou Shen used 18AP to craft 97 Craftsman crafting points, spending 27 gold. 223 gold remaining.

Cai Bin Teaches Letters. Success! 68 gold found!
Cai Bin trains Int +31 exp

Jin Zhi Patrols. Failure.
Jin Zhi started learning Duelist. 23/3392 complete.

Qiyang Feng Magistrates. Success! Alcohol (Bond +2) found!
Qiyang Feng trains War +46 exp

Xu Bao went hunting and received 234 gold from selling the captured prey.
Xu Bao trains Lead +12 exp

Jing Yi Patrols. Failure.
Jing Yi trains Int +24 exp

Shi Jie visited the Bazaar, but didn't have the ability to craft wares to sell there.
Shi Jie started learning Mystic. 24/3302 complete.

Wang Le started learning Reversal. 50/1153 complete.
Wang Le trains Cha +26 exp

Su Yu visited the Bazaar. 64 gold earned.
Su Yu started learning Breeder. 25/1166 complete.

Gongsun Ji started learning Arson. 50/1179 complete.
Gongsun Ji trains War +14 exp

Zhang Anguo visited the Bazaar. The trip failed to result in any profits.
Zhang Anguo used 25AP to craft 85 Artisan crafting points, spending 38 gold. 212 gold remaining.
After befriending an armorsmith, he gives you a Leather Helmet [headwear] (War +1).

Jiang Meixiu Patrols. Failure.
Jiang Meixiu started learning Propaganda. 21/2266 complete.
An important member of the community is kidnapped, 240 gold is demanded, or else.

Sun Xiang started learning Artisan. 50/1195 complete.
Sun Xiang trains War +36 exp

Sun Ru started learning Acumen. 50/2267 complete.
Sun Ru trains Cha +6 exp

Fu Zhi Magistrates. Success! 77 gold found!
Fu Zhi started learning Artisan. 20/1222 complete.

Chen Ping Patrols. Success! 74 gold found!
Chen Ping started learning Weaponmaster. 19/2337 complete.
You meet Hua Tuo in the city, and form a loose friendship with him. He tells you that if you are ever sick or injured, all you need to do is send people to find him and he will come.

Xu Xun Patrols. Failure.
Xu Xun used 22AP to craft 119 Craftsman crafting points, spending 33 gold. 217 gold remaining.
Sun Liren (54) ~ 55*-57*-81*-108*-107* ~
Acumen, Architect(e), Articulate, Charming, Farmer, Invent, Propaganda(e), Rally(e), Riot(e)

"By GM fiat, you are not allowed to perform that action. Your character's Wisdom score is too high."
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