April 190 PT #2 Results

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April 190 PT #2 Results

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Bo Lai Patrols. Success! 69 gold found!
Bo Lai studied Craftsman. 180/3451 complete.

Cai Bin Teaches Letters. Success! Military Organization [manual] (Lead +1, Unit Limit: +10) found!
Cai Bin trains Int and gains 28 exp.

Chen Ping Patrols. Success! 69 gold found!
Chen Ping used 15AP to craft 53 Artisan crafting points, spending 22 gold. 169 gold remaining.
Chen Ping trains Int and gains 5 exp.

Dai Ren Patrols. Success! 83 gold found!
Dai Ren trains War and gains 14 exp.

Dao Lang studied Artisan. 300/1181 complete.
Dao Lang Teaches Letters. Success! The Classic of Filial Piety [manual] (Pol +2) found!

Fu Zhi Magistrates. Success! 49 gold found!
Fu Zhi studied Artisan. 220/1222 complete.

Gongsun Ji Patrols. Success! 65 gold found!
Gongsun Ji studied Arson. 366/1179 complete.

Huyan Lie started learning Arson. 50/1178 complete.
Huyan Lie trains Lead and gains 10 exp.

Jia Liang Teaches Letters. Success! 62 gold found!
Jia Liang trains Int and gains 21 exp.

Jiang Meixiu Patrols. Success! 71 gold found!
Jiang Meixiu studied Propaganda. 137/2266 complete.

Jiang Yan studied Reversal. 304/1192 complete.
Jiang Yan trains Cha and gains 24 exp.

Ju-long Bai studied Arson. 96/1247 complete.
Ju-long Bai Patrols. Success! 59 gold found!

Kung Huang Teaches Letters. Failure.
Kung Huang used 25AP to craft 90 Scribe crafting points, spending 38 gold. 365 gold remaining.

Li Jun Patrols. Success! 68 gold found!
Li Jun studied Loyalty. 244/2360 complete.

Li Sheng Patrols. Success! 88 gold found!
Li Sheng studied Stealth. 219/2223 complete.

Li Zhong Patrols. Success! 73 gold found!
Li Zhong studied Weaponmaster. 36/2235 complete.

Liao Ju trains War and gains 17 exp.
Liao Ju studied Leader. 530/3252 complete.

Liu Shentong Patrols. Success! 62 gold found!
Liu Shentong studied Navy. 219/1199 complete.

Lu Shun rested. 5% health was recovered.
Lu Shun rested. 5% health was recovered.

Ma Zang Patrols. Success! 73 gold found!
Ma Zang studied Inspire. 192/3451 complete.

Su Yu studied Breeder. 430/1166 complete.
Su Yu used 16AP to craft 48 Artisan crafting points, spending 24 gold. 6 gold remaining.
Su Yu used 1AP to craft 3 Scribe crafting points, spending 2 gold. 4 gold remaining.
Su Yu visited the Bazaar. 63 gold earned.

Sun Xiang Magistrates. Success! 65 gold found!
Sun Xiang did not have the gold needed to Craft.

Sun Xin Magistrates. Failure.
Sun Xin's Charisma was too high to train any further.

Xu Bao used 25AP to craft 126 Craftsman crafting points, spending 38 gold. 216 gold remaining.
Xu Bao used 25AP to craft 57 Artisan crafting points, spending 38 gold. 178 gold remaining.
Xu Bao studied Logistics. 56/2291 complete.

Zhang Kang Magistrates. Failure.
Zhang Kang studied Aid. 48/2264 complete.

Zhu Kang Patrols. Success! 42 gold found!
Zhu Kang started learning Breeder. 22/1208 complete.
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