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Postby thegrandmystic » 14 Jul 2018, 23:00

Name: Shang Bao
Age: 21 (169)
Rank: no rank in Wan area
Stats: 75-82-70-31-62
Base Stats: 75-82-70-31-62
Starting Stats: 75-80-70-31-62
Skills: Charge, Duelist, Scout, Trample, Valor, Weaponmaster

Melee Weapon:
Ranged Weapon:
Map: None.
Jewelry 1:
Jewelry 2:

Experience History:
LEA: 65/100
D1: Train troops (+25)
D2: In battle, melee (+40)

WAR: 215/100
D1: Train troops (+20)
D2: Settlement assistance (+40)
D2: In battle, melee (+60)
D2: Duel to a draw (loss XP), half-rounds (+55)
D3: Settlement assistance (+40)


Skill History:

Gold History:

Bond History:

Nephew to Imperial Court administrator and scholar Shang Song and second son of an Imperial palace guard captain. Raised in Luoyang, he trained as a soldier and leader of men and his tutors honed his talent in personal combat. When war broke out between the Imperial government and various rebel groups and with many officers deploying to Luoyang's defense, he desired to take up arms as well to defend city and palace both; on advice and counsel of the generals, however, he instead traveled to Wan to ensure the defense of the capital's southern flank, raising peasants to the banner and obtaining horses along the way for a makeshift cavalry band.
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Re: Officer Information

Postby Porcelain Cow » 17 Jul 2018, 07:37

Name: Shi Xiang
Age: 20 (170)
Rank: Volunteer
Stats: 76-45-80-65-60
Base Stats: 76-45-80-65-60
Starting Stats: 75-45-80-65-60
Skills: Cunning(e), Scribe, Tactician, Wile

Melee Weapon:
Ranged Weapon:
Map: None.
Jewelry 1:
Jewelry 2:

Experience History:
LEA +1: 5/100 - Night 2 Battle: +80 , Day 5: Train Troops +25
WAR: 35/100 - Day 5: Train Troops +35
INT: 70/100 - Night 2 Battle: +30, Day 3 Magistrate: +40

Skill History:
Day 1: Train Reversal (1)
Day 2: Train Reversal (2)
Day 3: Train Reversal (3)
Day 4: Train Reversal (4)
Day 5: Train Troops

Gold History:
Day 3: Magistrate +5
Bond History:

Xiang was born into the family of an innkeeper, her family providing entertainment to the village and sustenance to travelers and unsettled bachelors like laborers and dayworkers. The youngest of two girls, her older siblings had already occupied many of the tasks and duties, aswell as likely inheritance, leaving little direction for her future beyond a likely marriage off to somewhere when she came of age.

Fortunately for her, secluded away from the village, but close enough to occasionally maintain business with it, a scholarly hermit had made his residence, the typical bearded, aging scholar seeking seclusion toward the end of his life, hiding away with his scrolls and knowledge. Seclusion however, in his advanced age, brought with it many difficulties that he could not stem alone, impressing upon him the need for an aide. This thought was expressed on one of his increasingly tedious (to him) trips to the village and the inn for what supplies his residence could not afford him. Xiang was instantly enraptured by the idea, having been keen on intellectual pursuits from a young age, and set to persuade her parents.

She succeeded, and came to attend the old man during the day, cooking, cleaning and assisting him in general duties she had picked up around the public house already. As the sages health flagged and age advanced, reading became a burden for him, and he chose to teach the girl the letters while he still could, his eyesight deteriorating steadily. Eventually it was Xiang that had to read his scrolls to him during the last few years, reading along with him, asking curious questions of him to further her understanding, learning all she could.

After he passed away she had found a way out of the family business after all, and moved to the city, to teach, finding those looking to further their understanding, or simply learn their letters, and forming a small coterie of devoted students which, troubled by the upset to the Imperial state, rose up to volunteer in the efforts around Wan.
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Re: Officer Information

Postby Phailak » 18 Jul 2018, 16:12

Fei Lai (168)
Charge(e), Blitz, Cunning, Leader, Valor
Taking 50 extra men
Soldiers: 150(0)
Rations: 300
Gold: 10
Morale: 4
Aux: 10
Fei Lai (31)
Skills: Charge(e), Blitz, Cunning, Leader, Valor
Rank: Commoner
Soldier info
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Re: Officer Information

Postby Rebel » 20 Jul 2018, 16:35


Mao Ma Kan (160)
Current stats: 81-61-70-60-65
Injured stats: 79-59-68-58-63 (3%)
Total gain of experience: 120-190-50-0-0
Starting stats: 80-60-70-60-65
Volley, Missile, Counter, Medic, Invent, Navy, Spy
Troops (merged with group)
Gold (merged)
Food (merged)

Turn 1 - train troops (20 lead & 35 war)
Turn 2 - train troops (20 lead & 35 war) - battle experience (40 lead & 50 war)
Turn 3 - Doctor (50 int)
Turn 4 - train troops (20 lead & 35 war)
Turn 5 - train troops (20 lead & 35 war)

Other stuff
Mao Ma Kan
Volley, Missile, Counter, Medic, Invent, Navy, Spy

Sun Xiang
Current Stats: 70-30-81-77-70
Administration; Rumor; Scribe; Spy; Stealth; Wile

Previously: Huang Xiong (196, August) Styled: LiRen
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